Scam Artist: G. Craig Lewis

October 16, 2010

Jay Z worships the devil. I’m sorry what I meant to say is that Jay Z is a devil worshiper. No let me get this right because we must be experiencing technical difficulties….ok here we go Shawn “Jay Z” Carter worships the dark prince, little horn, the beast of the 6s….But What Am I Saying? I like Jay Z. Oh I must be repeating the same shit that I’ve been hearing from two sides, the conspiracy theorists and “Exclusionary” Christians who believe what their pastors told them. Where did those pastors get that information from then and are the two occurrences connected? Of course they are and I’ll tell you where the root to this controversy began. It began oddly enough with one man. It was one man that put the seed in the head of millions and allowed it to flourish so wildly, so dangerously that it has opened the door for modern day “Witch Hunts”. Much like the witch hunts in Winston Salem so many years ago you only have to accuse someone of demonic practices these days and they are apart of the devil’s unholy ranks. Well who is this man…..and why in the hell is he doing this and what in the hell is he gaining from this? His name is G.Craig Lewis and he has duped you all. He never set out on this campaign with the sole purpose of bringing Jay Z down, in fact if he did I’d congratulate him, instead he used the time honored tradition of “throwing shit and a wall and seeing what would stick”. You see this much bigger than Jay Z…..Fuck Jay Z. I like his music but I’m not here to defend him, he’s a big boy he can fight his own battles. I’m here to defend a person’s right to be who they are. I’m also here to discourage people from casting judgment of people that don’t know because of blind hate. I’m here to encourage people to think for themselves, to do the research, and to never use hearsay as law.

Back to the matter at hand…G. Craig Lewis, who’s he? Part southern Baptist preacher part comedian; he is the leader of EX-ministries. He is the boisterous, animated creator of the “Truth Behind Hip Hop” DVD series. He has an uncanny knack for sprinkling an ounce of truth in every one of his lies. He says that his crusade isn’t about money well people do I have news for you ……..It Isn’t. Money couldn’t be his motivation, that’d be too easy. When you preach against those who profit from preaching, amassing great wealth yourself would be jumping the shark. It would never work. I believe……NO…FUCK THAT…I know his aim, people like him are filled with hate. Those who aren’t brainwashed by his trite from the get go can easily see that this man seems bitter in his message. He defines himself as a Profit. By his own admission, he’s a musician.

“As a musician and former producer, I have recorded plenty of music; I have friends who record good Christian music; and according to some trends in ministry, I should be taking the bad stuff and then selling them my stuff—but God has not told me to do that. I preach the message that God has told me to preach and let the Holy Spirit, PASTORS, YOUTH PASTORS, and parents do the rest.” – G. Craig Lewis

I used to think that when the time was right he would unveil his own music as an alternative to “this devil music that has our youth committing crimes, rapes, and doing drugs.”……You hear that? HAHAHA That’s the people who believe this guy closing this tab on their firefox…sorry Chris they won’t be back…..So I’ll synopsize this guy’s work because the long version would sicken you. Basically “The Truth Behind Hip Hop” only starts with hip hop after the second installment you begin to see what this guy’s true purpose is. The most memorable part of his first installment, which is probably why it’s the most successful, is his slander of Jay Z in which he illustrates how evil this man is. He begins by saying Jay calls himself Hova because he believes he is god on this planet. He goes on to say that Jay has a demonic backwards message in his song “Lucifer”. He blames Jay Z for putting up the diamond sign which he believes is the “All Seeing Eye” of the Illuminati. The sad truth is that although Jay Z calls himself Hova he is referring to the fact that he claims to be “god MC”. The truth is that this kind of claim was fashionable back in 90s. Before this “touchy” era you could say that you were the god of something in the Greek Mythology sense, not to be confused with the 5 percenter sense, and mean that you were great at that thing. The claim that “Lucifer” backwards is a demonic message is baseless. His claim about the diamond sign that was originated by the Delta Sigma Theta sorority, then picked up by the wrestler Diamond Dallas Page, and then adopted by Jay Z as the hand sign for Roc-A-Fella in September of 2000.

Now remember how I said this wasn’t about Jay Z? It still is not because G.Craig Lewis hates everybody equally. He claims to have this sort of “PROOF” about everyone in Hip Hop. From this man’s mouth comes the “truth” that Notorious B.I.G was about to launch a clothing company called 666: Devil wear. 2Pac, DMX, Bone Thugs In Harmony, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, Fat Joe, Eminem, Cee-Lo, Diddy, Pimp C, Nas, The Wu-Tang, Clan, Young Jeezy, Jazze Pha, and countless others are devil worshipers according to this man, which doesn’t matter because he claims that to do Hip Hop in any form is to embrace the devil. “In Any Form, Doesn’t That Mean?YES!!! Holy Hip Hop is an abomination to G.Craig Lewis as well. He believes that Hip Hop is the worshiping of one’s self and that the beliefs of KRS One or Africa Bambatta speak for every form of Hip Hop. G.Craig Lewis believes that their Five Percenter faith was the basis for Hip Hop. He makes no mistake in telling you that rap is not Hip Hop, but the sinister Hip Hop has used rap to spread the devil’s message and thus any derivative of Hip Hop is supposed to do the exact same thing. G.Craig Lewis believes that artist like Trip Lee, The Ambassador, B.B. Jay, Lacrae, Da T.R.U.T.H, Tadashii, and KJ52, who are gospel Hip Hop artists, are spreading just as much evil to the younger generation as secular Hip Hop artists are. He likens Holy Hip Hop to being a thief in the world and converting to be a “Holy thief”. So it should be no surprise by now that he is a hater of the demonic form of R&B music especially Michael Jackson, the demonic Fraternities and Sororities, the demonic internet which hosts the demonic social networking sites Facebook and Twitter, and of course the demonic faiths of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism, but what does he think of people that believe as he does?

Bishop T.D. Jakes – EVIL (and possibly a homosexual), Joel Osteen – EVIL, Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) (homosexual too!), Praise Dance Teams (devil worship), Catholicism – The Antichrist, he believes the Pope is in the actual seat of Satan and that Catholicism spawned homosexuality. To show you that he is not after money he tells you to look out for pastors that are out for money or speak of finance…..Sorry Joel Osteen. Lewis cautions “REAL CHRISTIANS” to avoid any church that has homosexual members because no man of God should allow homosexuals to roam free in their church. He cautions against club attire…now what does this mean? He teaches his followers to judge a book by its cover. Straight men should not have braided hair. Straight men should not wear earrings…SORRY T.J. Jakes…..SORRY ME. Women should not have Tattoos; these things are against God he says. Lewis describes Juanita Bynum as a Jezebel who has destroyed the sanctity of marriage. He has run smear campaigns against Bynum and Jakes. And FOR WHAT? There is not one public religious figure that I know of that he doesn’t have a problem with…..come to think of it I don’t know anyone anywhere that this guy hasn’t condemned to hell already. I wonder how can someone that has alienated so many have any followers, but it continues with the attempted defaming of Tyler Perry (homosexual cross dresser), Oprah (devil worshiper), Obama (devil worshiper because of his support of abortions and homosexuals). A false profit is someone who claims to have some understanding of the word of God or the end of days that no one else possess. As people of God we are called to uplift each other and pray for those that have lost their way, but I would find it awfully hard to do that if my pastor was Lewis and his only sermon is the hate that I was supposed to have for everyone and everything. Like I said before I don’t want you to believe what I believe, I just want you to think for yourself.


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  1. You are lost u having give no evidence that’s he is wrong all u u did is repeat what g craige lewis said about these artist give me fact or reach to show him wrong

  2. I agree with the first comment. All the article did was to repeat all that Craig researched. Where are your facts?. I sanction all of Craig believes and thank God that there is one person who actually do research on these people. Its time we kick the Hip Hop junk out the Church and every other unholy thing that exhault itself against the knowledge of God.

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